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The Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre is in the heart of downtown Shanghai, just moments from Nanjing Road and the Bund. Rooms and suites feature pillow-top bedding, marble bathrooms, 24-hour room service, and complementary high-speed internet. Amenities include multiple dining options, an on-site fitness center, an indoor lap pool, and a spa. A block of rooms has been reserved for International Congress participants. Room reservation information will be available on the conference website (

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Visiting Shanghai

Top 5 Must GO.

1. The Bund

Location:Located along East-1 Zhongshan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China.

Overview:With a total length of 1.5 kilometers, the Bund, which has extraordinary significance for Shanghai is located on the bank of the Huangpu River. It starts from the Shiliupu Pier on the south and ends up with the Waibaidu Bridge to the north, facing the Huangpu River on the east and 52 buildings in different Chinese and western style on the west. It is widely regarded as the "Exhibition of World Architecture”.

Recreation:Tourist tunnel, Huangpu River cruise

Transportation:Line 2 East Nanjing Road Station 0:00-24:00

Advantages:Garden Bridge of Shanghai, Public Park, Chen Yi Square, Waterfall Clock, The Bund Valentine\'s wall, tourist tunnels, etc. Top highlight: Besides buildings in all kinds of styles, there are the morning exercises and night scene that are the true charms of the Bund.

2. Yu Garden

Location:No.132 Anren Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Business hours:8:30-16:45, clear out at 17:15

Overview:Yu Garden is located in the northeast of the old city of Shanghai, adjoining with the City God Temple. It is a world famous classical garden in the southern Yangtze which was built more than 400 years ago in the Ming Dynasty. It is regarded as one of the representatives of the traditional culture in Shanghai.

Transportation:Line 10 Yu Garden Station

Advantages:The garden has the Exquisite Jade Rock, one of the three most famous rocks in Jiangnan region, and the Dianchun Hall, the command center of the Small Swords Society. In its neighborhood are many tourist attractions including the Chenghuang Temple and the shopping streets.

3. Shanghai Disneyland

Location:No.753 North Shendi Road,Pudong New Area,Shanghai

Phone: +86-400-180-0000;+86-21-315800

Business hours:9:00-20:30


Overview:Shanghai Disneyland Park is located in Pudong New District of Shanghai. It is not only the first Disneyland resort in Chinese Mainland, but also the sixth largest one in the world. Owning the biggest Disney castle and the fastest Tron Lightcycle Power Run, the park is a wonderland for the dreams to come true.

Transportation:Line 11 Disneyland Resort Station

Advantages: Disney’s world-class entertainment brings a distinctive dimension to Shanghai Disney Resort, with a variety of live performances, character programs, a parade, and a nighttime spectacular. Along with all the exciting attractions in Shanghai Disneyland, entertainment throughout the park is included as part of the experience. Lively and talented performers—from Chinese acrobats to dancers, musicians and DJs—make the entertainment one more reason to visit Shanghai Disney Resort for multiple days.

4. Fengjing Water Town

Location:No.28, Lane 8588 Tingfeng Highway, Jinshan District, Shanghai

Business hours:8:00-17:00 (May-Oct.); 8:00-16:30 (Nov.-April)

Overview:Ancient Town of Fengjing is located in the southwestern corner of Shanghai. It is a typical water town in the southern Yangtze with profound significance of history and culture. There are 52 bridges on the crisscrossing water-ways in the town, among which, the oldest one is Zhihe Bridge built in Yuan Dynasty with a history of nearly 700 years. The green water, low houses and the boats moving slowly on the river make up a tranquil and picturesque water town, in contrast to vigorous and energetic Shanghai.



Transportation: Bus Qingfeng Circuit Fengyang New Village

5. Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Location:No.1 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Business hours:8:30-21:30 (Stop Ticketing After 21:00)

Overview:The Oriental Pearl Tower which stands erect with 468 meters in Lujiazui and separated with the Bund by the Huangpu River, is an iconic landmark in Shanghai, Take a glass sightseeing elevator up to the viewing platform in a 351-meter-high space capsule, a panoramic view of the city on both sides of the Huangpu River can be obtained, Equipped with a revolving restaurant, Shanghai Urban History Development Exhibition Hall, VR experience, etc., the Oriental Pearl Tower has been ranked as the national in China.

Transportation:Line 2 Lujiazui Station

Advantages: The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower is a multifunctional venue with sight-seeing, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, Shanghai History Museum, Cruise Dock. It has already become one of the most symbolic venues and tourism resources in Shanghai and it is also one of the earliest 5A scenic areas in China. Knowing Shanghai starts from Oriental Pearl Tower.


1. Xiaolongbao or Soup Dumplings

Overview:A Shanghai Classic - these soup dumplings should be your first meal in Shanghai. Delicate thin-skinned dumplings, with pork or vegetable or shrimp or crab fillings inside with a delicious hot broth, each is an explosion of flavor in the mouth.

Careful as these are served piping hot in those cute bamboo baskets (they make for a great souvenir too!) so give each dumpling a few moments in the soy sauce and vinegar baths before plonking into your mouth. You will find it hard to stop!

You could try the famous Din Tai Fung (many outlets of this Taiwanese chain - excellent choice nevertheless and hugely popular among expats, locals and tourists) but we would recommend another favorite of ours.

Chinese: 小笼包 xiǎolóngbāo /sshyaow-long-baow/ 'little-basket-buns'

Recommended restaurant:Jia Jia Tang Bao

Address: 90 Huanghe Road, Huangpu

Price: Starting at RMB 20 but overall very cheap

2. Steamed Crab

Overview:Shanghai's famed steamed crab uses a special type of crab found in rivers, and is normally consumed in late autumn and winter. The crabs are tied with ropes or strings, placed in bamboo containers, steamed and served. There few other artificial ingredients added to the dish yet it tastes fantastic. Da Zha Xie is usually consumed with vinegar.

Locals are also quite fussy about when to consume male crabs and when to consume female crabs. See "Hairy Crab — The Shanghai Delicacy Every Tourist Should Try".

Chinese: 大闸蟹 dà zhá xiè /daa jaa sshyeah/ 'big sluice crab'

Recommended restaurant: Xinguang Jiu Jia

Address: 512 Tianjin Lu (by Guangxi Bei Lu)

Price: RMB 300-400 per person

3. Braised Pork

Overview:This is a a classic Shanghai dish, sweet and caramelised pork belly cooked and served in brown sauce. The brown sauce is a mixture of Shaoxing sauce, light soy and dark soy sauce, in addition to sugar. It is typically served with hard boiled eggs. The meat will melt in your mouth! Our recommendation below is a long time favorite with locals and travelers and we promise you the most authentic Hong Shao Rou you can find in Shanghai.

Chinese: 红烧肉 hóngshāo ròu /hongshaow roh/ 'red-cooked meat'

Recommended restaurant: Old Jesse Restaurant 老吉士酒家

Address: 41 Tianping Road 天平路41号

Price: RMB 270 per person

4. Fried Pork Buns

Overview:Pan-fried pork buns, a local fried dim sum dish of Shanghai, has a history of over 100 years. The semi-fermented dough is fried in a wok, and water is sprayed on it several times during cooking. The fried bottom of this bun is absolutely yummy! Best eaten hot, the bottom of a hot fried pan-fried bun is golden and crispy while the rest is white and soft. The stuffing, fresh meat with sesame or scallion, is especially delicious. With its tempting color, crispy skin, tender meat and the gorgeous appearance, fried shengjianbao is a top Shanghai snack.

Chinese: 生煎包 shēngjiānbāo /shnng-jyen-baow/ 'raw-fried bun'

Recommended restaurant: Xiao Yang Shen Jian 小杨生煎

Address: 1601 Nanjing West Road/ 南京西路1601号

Price: RMB 60-100 per person

5. Smoked Fish Slices

Overview:Ideal for those who like highly spiced food, Shanghai's "smoked" fish slices (fresh fish marinated and spiced to taste like smoked fish) make a tasty dish. The fish is usually a carp and is prepared in a way that it tastes smoked and delicious. This is also called Shanghai Shun Yu. It has a crispy outer skin and the meat inside is beautifully cooked and tender, thanks to all that deep frying goodness!

Chinese: 熏鱼 xūn yú /sshyoon yoo/ 'smoked fish'

Recommended restaurant: Fu 1039 福1039

Address: 1039 Yuyuan Road, Changning District 长宁区愚园路1039号

Price: RMB 300 per person approximately


1. Xin Tian Di

Location:No. 181, Taicang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai,China.

Overview:The old Shikumen-style buildings of the early 20th century in Xin Tian Di, with their red blocks and grey tiles, will bring you back to life in the old Shanghai as if in a time travel. You feel you are transported back in time, but culturally and historically imbued old homes have been turned into a hive of activity for diners,shoppers and entertainment and leisure seekers. Once you step into a door, the ambience of modernity is just overwhelming.

Transportation:Metro Line 1: South Huangbei Road Station; Metro Line 10 & 13: Xin Tian Di Station


Recreation: Food Plaza, UME Cinema, One-stop Health Club

Business hours: all day

2. Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway

Location:Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway.No. 299, East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai,China.

Overview:Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway is one of the busiest commercial streets in Shanghai. Flanking the street are various shops and a brief glance offers the view of modern buildings blending with old-fashioned European constructions.

Restaurants: The First Food Shop, Shendacheng, Taikang Food, Xinya Hotel, Yanyunlou Restaurant, Laodafang, Shaowansheng

Transportation:Metro Line 2 & 10: East Nanjing Road Station; Metro Line 1 & 2 & 8: People Square Station

Business hours: 24h, Malls open from 10:00-22:00

Advantages: Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway is one of the busiest commercial streets in Shanghai; it has been a gathering place of department stores early in the beginning of the 20th century, known to ensure fruitful visits. Nowadays, the place has accommodated not only established department stores like Yong'an Department Store, Hualian Department Store and Silk Department Store, but also large shopping malls such as New World Comprehensive Consumption Circle, Bailian Global Trade International Plaza.

3. Huaihai Road

Location: Huaihailu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Overview:As early as in the 1930s, Huaihai Road was famous for its beauty, prosperity and exotic atmosphere. It was praised as the "Oriental Paris". Today, with the luxury and bustling large department stores, the splendid and colorful global brand franchised stores, the delicate and fashionable themed restaurants or cafes and bars, Huaihai Road has formed the unique scenery of a multi-functional international modern commercial street.

Transportation:Line 1, line 10, line 12, Shaanxi South Road station.

Business hours: 10:00-22:00

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