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HRflag is a digital community, think tank and advanced media platform to share and spread cutting-edge HR knowledge and thoughts in China. We are committed to helping talents in human resources management make brilliant achievements in management. In addition, we help human resource services obtain customer resources of higher quality. HRflag is an expert in content study and digital technology. Our supreme goal is to be in the vanguard of human resource service industry by outputting a large number of high-quality, large-scale activities and various digital content. Our businesses include cloud computing platforms, marketing service, mobile applications, community activities, industry investments, etc. HRflag owns brands such as Staffing Live, EDEG Summit, EB Summit, Flag Conference, CB Summit, TD Summit and so on. International domain names like,,, and are all global-valued digital property, also owned by HRflag.

DDI is a global leadership consulting firm that helps organizations hire, promote and develop exceptional leaders. From first-time managers to C-suite executives, DDI is by leaders’ sides, supporting them in every critical moment of leadership. Built on five decades of research and experience in the science of leadership, DDI’s evidence-based assessment and development solutions enable millions of leaders around the world to succeed, propelling their organizations to new heights. For more information, visit


Founded in 1872 by the Lyon Chamber of Commerce, emlyon business school welcomes 7,260 students, representing over 90 nationalities, and 6,200 managers in its professional development programs. The school has six campuses in France and abroad (Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Casablanca, Shanghai, Paris, Bhubaneswar), and can draw on a network of 181 international academic partners. In addition, it maintains a community of 32,000 alumni in 120 countries.
emlyon business school’s mission is to develop‘ makers,’ agents of transformation with a flair for teamwork, who anticipate, link worlds, handle and cultivate ideas, and see things and take action before others. This notion of ‘maker’ reflects the vision of the entrepreneur endorsed by emlyon business school: a maker tries, experiments, makes mistakes, starts again, and learns as they go. emlyon business school strives to cultivate these skills in a next-generation approach that combines the production and dissemination of excellence in academic research with the creation of innovative curriculums.


CHO100, initiated by Professor Chen Chunhua, Dean of BiMBA at the National School of Development at Peking University, is a collective knowledge and wisdom sharing platform set up for the common good and supported by the National School of Development at Peking University. Together with Professor Chen, Professor Zhao Shuming of Nanjing University Business School and Professor Peng Jianfeng of the School of Labour and Human Resources at the Renmin University of China, form the senior expert panel for CHO100.

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